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Travertine Dreams: 2003 C240 w/20k Miles

Today we’re proposing one of our readers travels back to 2003 with a four-wheeled time machine. No it’s not a DeLorean and it doesn’t need a flux capacitor to function. This 2003 C240 was submitted to us this week and it immediately transported us back to the year the Concorde made its final commercial flight and a time when a new C-Class cost less than $30k. This car can be found listed here in North Merrick, New York for $7,900 showing just 20k miles on the clock, all logged by a single owner since 2003.

Finished in Travertine Beige (693), we’re convinced this is one of the cleanest W203’s left on the market. Unlike the AMG variants of the same era, these cars weren’t bought to be stuffed into garages and saved for special occasions or sunny weekends. These utilitarian, entry-level sedans were purchased to provide reliable, safe, and stylish transportation day-in and day-out. The typical intended use profile resulted in most W203’s getting loaded up with miles and dings as a by-product of achieving their main purpose. We will add that aftermarket bump pads can be seen stuck to the front and rear of the car. Although slightly unsightly we’re willing to bet these saved it from a few parallel parking pains over the last decade in the greater New York area.

In the cabin, the story is very much the same. Precautions were taken by the repeated use of all-weather mats to protect the car but it’s obvious by browsing the photos this W203 hasn’t seen much use. The Black (151) MB Tex still looks new (as it should) and we love seeing the Walnut trim in such nice shape. Most W203’s we come across have a “sport trim” made to look like carbon fiber in appearance- this one certainly looks more at home alongside the classic interior design notes. While we’re talking about the trim, pay close attention to the mini accordion-style cover over the cupholder. These almost always break and it’s refreshing to see one in such nice condition. Other general flaws on W203’s include the cluster burning out pixels and the HVAC switchgear getting sticky from age. While the cluster looks brand new, we would recommend replacing the HVAC controls, if merely for aesthetic purposes.

No matter how you break it down, this W203 is a fantastic and able car that deserves a good home where it will continue to be loved and used as intended. Sure there are larger and better appointed options out there but with the mileage and condition under consideration this little C240 is bound to delight and surprise any buyer in this price point.



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