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True Heritage Time Capsule: 28k-mile 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth

It's no secret that the w201 190E Cosworths are a blast to drive. Numerous publications over the years have put this car through the ringer and it always delivers. Originally, Mercedes-Benz contracted Cosworth to develop this engine in order for their 190E's to be able to compete in the Group B Rally Racing, however, by the time the engine was complete, Audi was dominating the sport and Mercedes redirected their attention the DTM Series Racing. Over recent years, these Cosworths have begun to appreciate in value as many of the Benzes from this era are now doing. Last year, lower mileage and clean examples were getting into the $20k range and earlier this year, an example sold at auction for just shy of $30k. An example under 100k-miles, aesthetically and mechanically in order, with the dog-leg manual should be the winning recipe for long-term value. That's exactly what we've found listed on Facebook Marketplace in New Jersey.

Showing only 28k-original miles from new, this 1987 190E 2.3-16V Cosworth is listed for $45,000. This certainly does seem to be the top of the price range for these cars at the current moment, but when you consider the other examples that have sold for $30k+, this seems right on target. It's also worth noting that an Evo 1 now fetches $100k+ and and Evo 2 will double or triple that figure quickly. We believe these values are only going to continue to rise and with mileage this low, this one is sure to bring the big money. Cosworths only came in two colors: Black Pearl 199 or Smoke Silver Metallic 702. Our preference would be 199 like this example in a perfect world but we won't be too picky.

Unfortunately there's very few photos in the listing, however, we can see that the paint appears to have maintained it's shine and no clear coat issues can be seen. There are also no apparent scrapes or dings either although we recommend asking for more photos to confirm. The interior certainly appears to be on par with a 28k-mile example showing minimal to no wear on the driverside seat bolster. The Cosworths came with Recaro seats up front and split, independent seats in the rear. From the one door card we can see, the leather seems to be adhering well with no air pockets underneath as many of the w201s tend to do over time. The dash also remains free from any cracks which is another common issue, leading us to believe this car has lived inside for most, if not all, of it's life. Some up close pictures of the center console wood is a must to look for the typical cracking that happens with age. The seller gives us limited information and virtually no history on the car in the listing saying, "Runs like butter, garage kept. Showstopper"... okay that's good enough to get us to bite. It's not everyday you're going to run across a 190E Cosworth in this shape with this kind of mileage. You know what they say, strike while the iron is hot.


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