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Tuner Heaven: 1999 ML58 Brabus

Located in the Czech Republic with SF Motors, this 1999 ML58 Brabus is a rare find. This w163 currently show 186,000 kilometers (115k miles) and has undergone a healthy list of modifications from Brabus. Founded in 1977, Brabus has built a strong reputation as one of the leading Mercedes tuners in existence with the likes of AMG and RENNtech. Similar to pre merger AMG's and RENNtech vehicles as well, Brabus will build specs to order based on the desires of the client. This w163 has undergone extensive modifications to make this a far cry from the ML430 it was when it left the factory. We appreciate the owner for letting us know of this gem now being offered for sale as opportunities to purchase a full Brabus spec from this era is few and far between.

This ML58 is finished in Black Opal Metallic (189) over Anthracite Leather interior. A number of aesthetic modifications have been performed to compliment the performance upgrades. Two-piece Brabus Monoblock IV wheels have been fitted which clear the enlarged brakes for extra stopping power. A lower chrome bumper guard has been added to the front bumper along with additional fog lights, facelift HID headlights, and official Brabus badging. On the rear, conspicuous quad-tip exhaust tips are fitted to let people know there may be more to this w163 than meets the eye.

On the interior, additional wood trim and leather stitching helps to add another level of quality feel to the passengers. The Brabus guage cluster is the only other hint that this w163 is special. Condition is excellent with the only sign of wear showing on the driver's seat side bolster. Considering the vehicle has 186k kms, there's not much we can argue with by ways of condition. This Brabus has clearly been enthusiast owned with care.

In addition to larger brakes, this ML also has been fitted with stiffened suspension for better handling. The factory 4.3-liter M113 V8 was reportedly bored and stroked by Brabus to 5.8 liters with a custom crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods. While there aren't any details given to the extent of engine modifications, other ML58 upgrades typically include ported and polished cylinder heads with revised camshafts and larger valves, as well as a full exhaust system and custom software tune, all of which result in reported output of 400 horsepower and 427 lb-ft of torque.

The values of these hotrod tuner Benzes has consistently risen with time. Pre merger AMGs have become highly desirable and collectible for obvious reasons. RENNtech builds have similarly been doing the same with their early ties to AMG through their founder and owner, Hartmut Feyhl. Brabus has been no exception with equally as reputable craftsmanship from their incredible builds such as this ML58. The asking price is 35,900 Euros and interested parties may contact SF Motors directly for further inquiries.


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