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Turbo Diesel Armchair for Sale: 2001 S320 CDI Stateside

It seems the Mercedes community can’t get enough diesels, from the W114 to the iconic W123, and even the W211s and up, we love the simplicity and efficiency. This 2001 S320 CDI may be the ultimate diesel currently for sale on the North American pre-owned market. We’ve seen this car a couple times in the last few years but we’ve never really discussed it. It’s the only one in the United States and can be found listed here on Craigslist for $11,500 just outside NYC.

Lets address the most prominent feature of this W220 first... it has been brought into the country legally (Originally a Frankfurt order) and it’s the only one in the country as of today. This may not be significant to some but keep in mind we never got a W220 diesel S-Class. In fact, due to the options and specs of this car, we couldn’t order anything close from our U.S. dealers.

Finished in Blue Quartz Metallic (347) this S320 CDI is incredibly basic as far as any S-Class goes and even options like a sunroof or leather are forgone for a slicktop and Anthracite cloth, which appears to be in great shape. We have to say, with all European taxi jokes aside, we love the simplicity and reliability of this entire package. In the North American market the 2005-2006 W211 E320 CDIs are increasing in value due to the shared power plant- the cast iron, dead reliable, OM613 straight six turbo diesel. The exterior presents nicely and along the way the European wheels have been replaced with sharp S500 wheels. The seller does state that he has the originals.

The owner claims a good bit of recent maintenance has been performed and the only reported issue is a slightly leaky rear Airmatic shock which the owner states he *may be willing to take care of. As there aren’t any other S320 CDI’s in the country and the mileage is a low 85k, we have a difficult time arguing with the asking price and we can’t see many downsides to this car if you’re currently in the market for its E-Class counterpart stateside.



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