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Understated and to the Point: 2002 E320 4Matic w/ 59k Miles

It’s time to admit that we’ll never tire of green over tan Mercedes, especially when they look as clean as this 2002 E320 4Matic that was just listed here on Craigslist for $9,750. Listed out of Wilmington, PA which is just East of Youngstown, Ohio, this E320 shows only 59k miles on the odometer and according to the seller touts a complete service history from Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville, TN.

Typically with cars listed in Pennsylvania or Ohio, the first thing we ask about is salt/snow exposure but the seller does mention this car has never seen either. That being said there isn’t any mention of how it ended up for sale in the north when a dealer in Tennessee has maintained it. Even stranger is that the seller mentions a clean TN title for this car in the sale listing but a blurred out PA tag is seen bolted to the car for the photos. Hopefully the plate was used for transport or a temporary solution.

While the tags and title do raise a few eyebrows we just can’t resist Everest Green (816) over Java so we’ll give the seller the benefit of the doubt. The exterior certainly presents as though it’s been well cared for and preserved over the last 20 years. It's times like these we would prefer the seller provide a VIN or even a license plate to run but we’re left with a listing that seems to advertise a very clean W210.

While options aren’t everything, we do appreciate the rarity of the color combination combined with the Xenon Headlamps, and 4Matic. While in a perfect world this car would have ventilated and heated leather seats along with COMAND, this is still a nicely appointed example. The front of the driver seats shows a little wear by way of creasing and the Java steering wheel shows some minor wear around the buttons where the dye has become thin and worn. Both easy fixes that tell us this car was used primarily as a single person hauler or commuter. The listing notes that it was previously owned by an elderly gentleman for 18+ years who seemed to keep up with it.

For almost $10k there are a lot of options in the pre owned Mercedes world so we don’t expect this to sell as quickly as some but considering the unique build and low mileage, there’s definitely a buyer out there who will appreciate this beautiful W210 as it continues to age gracefully in the coming years.



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