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Upcoming Auction Alert: 51k-mile 2001 E55 Kleemann

The MB Market has again been notified of a very interesting car headed to auction soon with Bring A Trailer. Enjoy this sneak peak before the auction goes live and get your check book ready. Formally, this 2001 E55 Kleemann was owned by one of our founders, Blakley Leonard, so from experience we can vouch for how spectacular this car truly is. The car now resides in Washington state, USA and has a very low 51k miles. The car is brilliant silver (744) over black leather and retains it's AMG specific interior. The only modifications on the interior are the addition of aluminum sport pedals, additional woodgrain on the steering wheel, door handles and shift knob, and chrome accents around the gauge cluster and shifter bezel. There are no cracks in the woodgrain or dash, and the headliner remains intact with no sagging. The leather is still soft and shows minimal wear throughout, with the only noticeable area located on the bottom of the driver seat. The car is accompanied by a clean Carfax and the original owners manual.

The custom built 3 piece HRE wheels were also completely rebuilt and refinished. The current owner has a collection of cars and all are maintained to a very high standard, this one is no exception.

When Kleemann was given this car, they began with a bone stock E55 AMG. As is, the w210 E55 AMG is not only a phenomenal performer for it's age, but also is a guaranteed future classic with it's naturally aspirated 5.4 liter m113 engine and analog feel. But sometimes, we want a little more, or in this case, a lot more. The Kleemann supercharger is arguably the best aftermarket supercharger available for the m113 engine and with that comes a hefty price tag. Back when this was originally installed, the supercharger alone would set you back $18,000 plus installation. Even today, sourcing a supercharger would be difficult and new, costs around $10,000. The result is a near 100 horsepower gain according to Kleemann. We put this car side by side with a 2007 SL55 AMG, which comes factory with over 500hp, and to answer your question: Yes, this E55 Kleemann pulled on the SL55. Given, it was a close one but ultimately the Kleemann proved it's worth.

Additional upgrades include a big brake kit from Brembo on all four corners because you'll certainly need some additional stopping power with the added horses. The information booklet from Brembo can be found with the car. The suspension has been dialed in nicely with adjustable Koni shocks and H&R springs. This lowers the car slightly and helps minimize body roll. The original Koni booklet and damping adjustment wrench still accompanies the car. In addition to the supercharger, Kleemann also installed headers that link up to an Eisenmann exhaust, creating one of the best sounding w210's we've ever heard.

Ultimately, this E55 Kleemann has been tastefully modified with quality parts to create one of the best performing w210's on the road. To try and replicate such a build would easily cost a hefty price even in today's market. If anything, this car will be a deal if it sells for anything below $30k for the buyer looking for such a build. Stay tuned as we await Bring A Trailer to go live with this 2001 E55 Kleemann.


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