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Upcoming Bring a Trailer Auction: 2002 E55 AMG

If it wasn't already obvious, we're huge fans of the ever appreciating w210 AMGs. These cars represent a time right before technology and forced induction overran the simplicity of what made these cars so great. Powered by a naturally aspirated 5.4L M113 engine, the car could sprint to 60mph in 5.4 seconds with ease. You won't find any air suspension sagging or dying auxiliary batteries here. The w210's are from a simpler time and that's just one of the main reasons we love them and think they're are guaranteed to continue to appreciate in value.

We're looking forward to this upcoming Bring a Trailer auction featuring this 2002 E55 AMG. The car is Alabaster White over two-tone charcoal and ruby red interior. This is such a stunning color combination but also, might not be everyone's cup of tea. If for nothing else, the rarity of this combo alone should provide for an interesting auction. The car only has 68k-miles as it sits which is well below the industry average and certainly classifies as low for this era.

From the few sneak-peak pictures we can see the car appears to be very well kept. No apparent curb rash is visible on the wheels, paint appears to remain glossy, and the interior leather and wood trim appear immaculate. Of course we have to mention that additional pictures must include all of the hot spots for rust on the w210 chassis when the auction launches. From what we can see, we're very hopeful this will be a solid example and pull in a strong number.


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