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W-I-D-E: 1986 560SEC Koenig Specials

With the never ending appreciating values for the C126 AMG Widebody cars, other specs such as this Koenig Special are also seeing an upward trend in values. Koenig Specials GmbH was a tuning house known for their outrageous widebody kits that featured Testarossa-like flares and some seriously wide wheels. These unique builds were also known for their engine work which often featured twin-turbo M117 engines that added some bite to the bark of these unmistakeable machines. However, similar to how pre merger AMG builds were, one could order a car built a la carte and not every owner opted for the performance modifications.

Unfortunately, not much information is given regarding the potential mechanical modifications, if any, done to this particular car. Still, this 1986 560SEC Koenig Specials certainly looks the part. The car is complete with a full body kit where the only panel not modified is the hood. The enormous fender flares house 3-piece BBS wheels built with lips deep enough to cook a stir fry.

This 560SEC is finished in Black Pearl Metallic (199) over Medium Red leather interior and the selling dealer states the car underwent a full restoration. During the process, the car received a new interior and fresh paint. All chrome trim has been painted much like the pre merger AMG cars of the period which helps to give the car its menacing look.

Currently, the car is now located in Finland and shown with 102,000 kilometers. The asking price of €79,800 (almost $97,000 USD) doesn't seem offensive considering the reconditioning the car has recieved although additional information regarding mechanical modifications. Theses cars are not commonly found on the market today, especially in this condition.


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