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W124.036 with a Side of Renntech: 1994 500E

There’s no debating whether the W124’s are special. Current trends are pushing them towards immediate future-classic status. The V8 cars, esp the 500E’s and AMG variants will forever sit at the top of the charts under the W124 heading. Given the age and price fluctuation of these cars over the last two decades, no two cars are the same anymore. This 1994 500E listed for sale here on Craigslist is a perfect example. For $30,000 this one could be yours. It’s showing 168k on the clock.

If you’re shopping for a 500E, this car is probably showing up on your radar as one of the few currently listed on Craigslist. The car is presented nicely on a set of AMG BBS 2-Piece wheels (These retain solid value on any Mercedes) and is finished in classic black over black. Not much detail is given in the listing regarding maintenance history but some good Renntech mods are noted including an ECU tune, transmission tune, and the coveted M119 airbox. Other add-ons include a classic-style wood wheel, H&R springs, and a Leistung exhaust. Although all of the accessories aren’t for us, we don’t have much negative feedback.

It is important to note the car recently received a fresh repaint and the eagle-eyed may notice the rear badges appear to be off center in a couple of the photos. We’d advise prospective buyers to get dozens more photos of the paintwork and paint process if seeing the car in person isn’t an option. Take a closer look at the listing and the owner seems to have a wire crossed on the model year vs production as well. The ad notes this as a final year for the car and in a way it is. 1994 was the last production year for the W124.036 but there were 1995 MY cars albeit 125 vs 1700 in 1994.

The last touch we really appreciate in the listing is the old photo scan of the 500E’s sitting amongst Porsche 964’s fresh out of the factory in Stuttgart. For everything this car has working against it, it could have just as much going for it given the right buyer.



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