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Wedgewood Dreams: 2002 E430 Sport

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our classified browsings it’s that any interesting car can be made exponentially more interesting when presented in a rare OEM color. For instance, take this 2002 E430 Sport listed in Encinitas, California as a prime example. It can be found listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $4,500 and 127k on the clock.

Finished in what appears to be Wedgewood Blue (941) over Beige leather, this combination is seen far more frequently on CL500’s and 600’s from this production year. Scarcity aside, we think this is one of the prettiest W210’s we’ve seen in a while. The body appears to be in nice shape and the paint looks to be exceptionally well kept although it’s difficult to discern whether the photos are recent or not. Curiously, there’s a small trailer hitch seen protruding from under the rear bumper in one of the photos. Supposedly the owner used the car to tow a utility trailer through the Blue Ridge Mountains… That’s a sight we’d love to see in person. Kudos to them for not cutting into the rear Sport bumper. As for the rest of the Sport kit, it looks brilliant in this color and we even like the chrome Sport wheels.

The Beige leather interior, although in decent shape overall, could use some TLC. This was definitely a drivers car judging by the context clues in the wear and tear of the leather. Predominantly the driver’s seat and armrest could definitely use some cleaning and reconditioning along with the steering wheel. The good news is that the rest of the cabin, including the woodgrain trim, looks to be in great shape. A little love will certainly go a long way for this W210.

Not much information is given on this E430 in the listing but we do know the current owner has had it since 2006 and maintained it well. A factory car cover appears to be included in the trunk and altogether this W210 seems to be ready for another 100k worth of adventures.

Update: One of our followers, Tony (@mysclass on IG) actually saw this car in person prior to our listing and notes the car does have rust beginning on the trunk lid and passenger side rear quarter panel. Unfortunately, this is common for many w210 chassis cars although rust free examples do exist. Certainly, we'd expect you could get the price down considerably based on the amount of TLC needed.



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