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Well-Maintained AMG SUV: 2001 ML55 AMG

Listed near Fort Lauderdale, FL, this 2001 ML55 AMG is a driver, but a damn good one at that. There are a few known items that typically fail on these ML55's and our seller is well-versed in AMG's from this era, addressing everything in the last year. This ML currently stands with 178k miles on the odometer which on one hand isn't low, but on another, these naturally aspirated M113 engines are capable of double that without major issues if properly maintained.

This ML55 has been equipped with larger BFG K02 tires, giving it somewhat of a lifted look and beefier stance. While the ML55 is known to be a fast SUV, we quite like the look with the more aggressive all-terrain tires. When new, the ML55 was claimed to be the fastest production SUV on the market. The M113 V8 was rated at 342 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque when new. That was enough to hurl this SUV to 60mph in just over 6 seconds.

A list of items recently replaced or addressed in the last year from the seller includes:

- New Starter

- New Crankshaft sensor

- Transmission Filter and flush with new seals in lower end

- Ac compressor

- Rebuilt Oil cooler seals

- New Fuel pump and new fuel filter

- Power steering pump

- Both engine mounts

- Transmission mount

- Transmission shifter seal

- Sway bar link bushings

- New OEM Radiator - Stabilizer bushings

- New radio with new speakers and stealth back up camera

We imagine this list totals up to be a fairly hefty bill but will certainly payoff for the next owner. The body panels appear to match and the interior has held up nicely considering the mileage. The pictures provided by the seller help to get a solid understanding of the true condition of the vehicle. While this seems like a no-brainer, we find so many listings with poor photos, hiding imperfections or details that potential buyers need to see.

With early 2000's AMG spec vehicles continuing to appreciate in value, the ML55 is no exception. Many of the examples found on the market today will require thousands to address many of the items listed above despite having lower mileage. Thanks to Marco, @yachtbrokermarco on Instagram, for submitting his ML55 AMG to us. On the second-hand market, it typically pays off to purchase from a fellow enthusiast like Marco. Asking price is currently set at $8,500 and clean examples are becoming difficult to find. Interested parties can contact him on IG or through his Craigslist posting which can be found here:


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