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Well-Optioned & Under $10k: 2002 E430 4Matic

Today we have an interesting submission from one of our readers, Paul (@paulgmoney on Instagram), of this 2002 E430 4matic located in Suffern, NY. As w210 AMG values continue to quickly rise, the non-AMG specs are trailing in trend. Of course you can go purchase a w210 for less than $3k any day of the week, but that's not the point. It comes down to condition and spec of a given car. Low-mileage, solid maintenance history, rare options, unique colors, condition... all play a huge role in the valuation of a car. So while there are $3k w210's on the market, there's also $30k w210's on the market and that doesn't mean they're overpriced. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This E430 4matic is priced at a reasonable $9,995 and shows right at 79k miles on the odometer.

It's fairly uncommon to find an E430 with 4matic as the majority of 4matics found on the market are 320's. The E430 came equipped with a 4.3L M113 V8 which produced 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque when new. These engines are known for being reliable and durable. The seller states he bought the car from the original owner in 2016 when the car had only 20k miles. Now 4 years later, the car has traveled roughly 59k miles for a total of 79k. This is still relatively low mileage, especially for a 2002 year model.

The car is finished in Black (040) paint which appears to have no clear coat issues or major blemishes. The bumpers are free from scrapes and cracks, or at least from what can be seen from the pictures. The headlights are the optional xenons which still have clear lenses. An over-sized wind deflector can be seen attached to the sunroof for better or for worse.

The interior is finished in Anthracite Leather (211A) and aside from needing a good detailing, presents very nicely. The leather is free from cracks and shows minimal wear. We recommend asking about the headliner and pixels on the clock and temperature gauges as those are known issues for this chassis. As a huge plus, this car is highly optioned for a non-AMG. In addition to the xenon headlights we mentioned above, the car is equipped with an electric rear sunshade, heated & ventilated seats, and COMAND. The steering wheel is also finished with additional woodgrain. Ventilated seats in a non-AMG is one of the most rare boxes checked; come to think of it, we're not sure we've ever seen it before. Unfortunately, the original COMAND unit has been swapped for a more modern display which does provide some modern day comforts such as CarPlay and a back up camera.

The seller states a fair amount of maintenance has been done to the car in his 4 years of ownership including a new exhaust system, shocks, springs, tires, and bushings. All parts are said to be replaced with OEM brands. Being a northern car, the biggest concern is rust. An in person inspection or PPI is highly recommended. All things considered, this appears to be a very well-kept example and given the rare options, 4matic paired with a V8, and the moderate mileage, we expect the seller to get very close to asking price.


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