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When Less is More: 2000 C230 Sport with 88K

When we think about the W202 our minds skip directly to the C36, C43, and sometimes the C55- it’s rare we stop and think about how good some of the non-AMG models were and just how rare it is to see a nice in the wild these days. This recently listed 2000 C230 Sport with only 88k miles on the clock proves our point well. It can be found listed here on Craigslist for the very reasonable price of $3,995.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (744) over Gray Leather, this little C230 starts off about as basic as it gets. No heated seats and analog climate controls certainly date the car and in no way indicate this as a 2000 model year. Dig a little deeper into the one option this car has, the Sport package, and you’ll find it has a lot to offer.

Most notably the Sport kit offers some great modifications from the factory; AMG-styled ground effects, AMG suspension, six spoke sport wheels, a mock lightweight trim, white sport gauges, and deeper AMG-style bucket seats. The Sport shift knob and steering wheel should look familiar to most enthusiasts as they’re directly borrowed from the R129 Sport models as well. Other notable features include the period correct Bose stereo with the Becker head unit, rear folding seats, and even the (severely underrated) Rest feature on the climate.

Although this isn’t the “ideal W202”, it’s a phenomenally kept car offered at a price that is rarely seen for any used car under 150k miles. For a 2 owner, clean history, rare Mercedes we have a hard time finding reasons not to buy this. There’s even a pulley kit out there to wake up the supercharger if the next owner feels the need.



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