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When Lightning Strikes Twice: 2003 CLK430 Sport w/ Galaxy Blue Interior

It’s an exciting time when the twin to a rare spec (a spec so rare we’ve only seen it once) is listed within a couple months of the original. Even stranger, the cars are both abnormally low mileage examples. Recently listed here on Facebook Marketplace out of West Chester, Ohio, this 2003 CLK430 Sport is already overdue for a new home. It shows 38k miles on the odometer and just like the last one, displays one of the most interesting color combinations we’ve seen on a CLK.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (722) over Orion Grey and Galaxy Blue (222) two-tone leather interior, this is the second CLK we’ve run across in this palette. For the paint nerds out there, this wasn’t a Designo specification but rather a factory option seemingly offered aside from any set packages. We don’t have any records or estimates of how many cars like this were built but earlier this year we did track down a similarly spec’d 2001 CLK430 (albeit with a red/black interior) that managed to make its way to the online auction space shortly after our feature.

Trim and color options aside, there is one very nerdy difference that draws us to this car in particular. It’s a 2003 model year which means the W208 Cabriolet could be bought brand new in a showroom alongside a W209 (2nd generation CLK) Coupe which also happened to be a 2003 model year. 2003 Cabriolets were made in very limited numbers and as a result this has to be one of the rarest W208’s in existence, at least from a production standpoint.

Asking price for this Galaxy Blue trimmed Cab is an easy $16,999 and as a whole, it’s easy to see the appeal. Not many records or much history is offered in the listing but judging by the condition of the car, the previous owners seem to have loved it. Surely at this mileage this car is bound to hold value as long as the owner chooses to drive it, whether that’s on the nicest of weekends or the everyday commute.



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