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When Photography Matters: 1999 C43 AMG

A number of great listings have popped up over the weekend including this 1999 C43 AMG showing 96k on the clock and an asking price of $14,900. It can be found listed here on Autotrader in Boca Raton, FL. Unfortunately only a few photos are offered by the seller so we have to emphasize again just how important listing photography can be.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (744) over a silver/black two tone interior, this car was one of 546 C43’s sold in the US for 1999. Break that down by color and options, this car is most likely the most commonly occurring combination, or at least in the top three most common, behind black over black and silver over black. Fast forward to 2020 and we’re willing to bet color doesn’t matter to most buyers if the C43 in question is truly clean and nicely kept.

Although only three photos are listed we reached out to the seller for more. As we managed to collect more photos of the exterior, the interior is still teased with one shot from behind the door frame. The seller notes the only issue as being a droopy headliner (which isn't shown). The tires reportedly have 90%, give or take, remaining tread and that’s about as much information as we’re given. The body does appear to be well kept and the Brilliant Silver paint intact. We’re pleased to see the bumper inserts are still attached and the 17” Monoblocks don’t appear to have been refinished and don’t particularly need to be.

Hopefully an enthusiastic buyer can step in and help keep this future classic on the road. We’re not sure how many keys are offered along with books and documentation but the history is seemingly clean enough, and this C43 is bound to make a great weekend or daily driver for any enthusiast.



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