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When the (Hood) Stars Align: 1997 S420 w/ 39K miles

As demand increases for clean W140’s, prices inevitably follow suit as we’ve observed for the last year across all major sales platforms. With that in mind we’ve seen an unexpected amount of clean, low mileage examples surface and the supply doesn’t seem to be slowing down if you have the patience. This 1997 S420 is a prime example of the right car at the right price showing just 39k miles on the odometer. It can be found listed here on eBay under auction scheduled to end Thursday the 3rd at 2:07pm EST. If you can’t muster up the patience, buy-it-now price is listed at $16,500 and given the specifics, we think that’s a very justifiable price.

This 2-owner example is finished in Polar White (149) over Beige Leather and shows exactly as you’d expect from a car with this mileage. The paint still shines nicely across each panel and appears to be all original as the seller goes through the trouble to meter the depth in the listing photos. From the shots we can’t see any evidence of dings or dents and all the chrome trim even looks to be in exemplary condition. Down to panel gaps, this car appears to be all original and nicely kept.

Take a peek inside the cabin and the story doesn’t change. The Beige (265) leather looks to be nicely kept and conditioned over the years with very little evidence of wear or abrasion- most often seen on these W140’s on the seat bolsters, seat center stitching, and the steering wheel. Moving back towards panel gaps this W140 offers more evidence of an easy and pampered life as all the wood trim seems to fit nicely along with any plastic trim. We also appreciate the thorough detail this car went through for the listing. Notice areas around the switchgear like the mirror controls or door storage that typically collect debris over 20 years are displayed with pride as they’re spotless in the photos. A few night shots are offered as well showing all the interior cabin lighting as functional.

When shopping for these W140’s this is the presentation to look for. As we’ve pointed out in the past it’s easy to make a car look nice in photos but if the seller goes through the trouble to display detailed shots of storage compartments, seldom seen crevices, and even the battery tray, it’s a good sign the cars been looked after and cared for by previous owners. Given the listing details, the photos of this car, and the context clues made available to us this is one of the nicest W140’s we’ve seen on the open market. The asking price is reasonable and we’d feel confident that even with some general use over the next few years this car will retain its value if not appreciate in that time. If a nice W140 has been on your search list, make sure you check this out before the listing ends- you won’t be disappointed. To contact the seller about this S420, click here.



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