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White Lightning: 32k-Mile 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Designo Edition at No Reserve

Freshly listed over on BringaTrailer, this fantastic late-production, pre-facelift example of an R230 is already up to $38,000 with five days to g

o in the auction (as of this writing). That's an incredibly strong number for an R230 SL55 AMG, and there are a few good reasons why...

Firstly, this example sports a tidy 32,000 miles on the odometer - a good number for a 13-year old roadster that can rack them up quickly at speed. This car is optioned extremely well with virtually everything equipped except the distronic cruise control package.

Next, the double Designo interior/exterior combination of Designo Mystic White (038) over Designo Porcelain (ZX27) FULL leather sets this SL apart from the crowd. The full leather option provides additional leather coverings on the dash, door panels and center console as seen in the big brother to this car, the SL65 AMG.

Third, and credit to the seller on this one, the car is being sold at No Reserve. That's a bold move for a uniquely spec'd version of an AMG car that isn't inherently rare on its own. Clearly, this has motivated early bidders for the car and driven the price up with many days of bidding to go.

With all the benefits bestowed by this beast, its lacking in one important area: Service Records. The supplied VMI helps offset this issue, but the R230 AMG is an Active Body Control car which, as is commonly known, is an incredibly expensive system to maintain or repair if broken. We'd ideally like to know if the system has been serviced but, at these miles, its not unusual for the rotors, coil packs, engine/trans mounts and ABC components to be original. Thus, the next owner will likely need to replace them at some point.

Even with the specter of future maintenance looming for the next owner, this car is an excellent example of a unique, pre-facelift R230 with excellent options and will likely command a healthy hammer price.


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