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Why Restore When You Can Buy New? 1991 560SEC w/ 16k Miles

We never know what to expect when we check up on Marshall Goldman’s inventory but we do know if that big red banner is above the car it’s going to be one of the cleanest examples around. However, as with all things Marshall Goldman, it’s also expected to be one of the priciest examples on the market; At least we know you’re likely to get what you paid for in this instance. Recently listed for sale, this 1991 560SEC is currently on the market and waiting to find it’s next home. Asking price is a cool $89,900 but have no fear, this coupe has only covered 16,698 miles since it was sold new. Asking price at the time of original sale should have been just several thousand less than asking price and we’ll let you judge whether or not that’s a good deal 30 years later for this seemingly mint C126.

Finished in Pearl (Ice) Blue Metallic (348) over Blue Leather (262), we knew this was a car featuring just for the photos. The contrast between the paint and the interior can be seen throughout many of the shots provided and we can’t get enough of it. The lower cladding on the exterior is finished in a medium blue and really ties the entire package together. Typically we take this chance to make note of any flaws on the exterior but this example may actually pass the test apart from a stuck antenna that seems to be mildly stubborn. More than three decades later this is a prime example of how these cars looked when new- No faded trim, no crusty or stained wheels, and no UV-baked NA headlamps.

Scroll through the provided photos and the interior follows suit. Not only does the wood appear to be in great shape, as expected, but even the leather has managed to retain a natural finish over the years that’s not too shiny or worn. There aren’t any indications of lingering dirt or neglect throughout the cabin. All the accessories are shown to be in working order including the Becker 2000 head unit and the sunroof. This C126 comes with full documentation including the original window sticker. Scroll down the options list and everything seems to have been standard save for an optioned Orthopedic Drivers Seat. Both the footwells and the trunk are clad in the original blue carpet that seems to have been just as nicely kept as the rest of the car. We’re pleased to see the original floor mats with this example as well.

No doubt this car is priced at top dollar and this dealer is certainly on the short list of likely bets when it comes to examples like this one. Not many are ready to drop this kind of coin on a non-AMG C126 but hopefully given the mileage, condition, documentation, and that oh-so-beautiful color combination this car won’t have too much trouble finding a good home in a collection alongside other Stuttgart bruisers. Conversely, we wouldn’t argue with the buyer who wants a new C126 of their own to mile up rather than attempting to restore one that’s already logged a previous driver’s memories. No matter the use, this is absolutely one of the cleanest examples on the market.



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