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Wild Card: 2000 ML55 AMG

It seems at this point we’ve found every type of Mercedes and listing possible. We’ve found listings that oversell certain cars and we’ve cars that massively exceed expectations based on the listing. It’s rare we find a listing that does neither….Today’s wildcard is this 2000 ML55 AMG recently listed for sale somewhere in the Reno Nevada area. It can be found listed here on Craigslist for $4,500.

Mileage, Condition, Interior? Your guess is as good as ours. Photos show some light modifications and accessories but the photos nor the listing give any information beyond “Mercedes ML 55 for sale or trade runs great no check lights.” A set of all terrain Bridgestones can be seen on the ML in the photos along with a roof basket and an OEM bull bar. It’s safe to assume this four wheel drive AMG is seeing it’s fair share of dirt vs pavement.

The eagle-eyed buyer will notice one of the photos is a screenshot ripped from Instagram or Snapchat and will perhaps find more photos or clues through a thorough google search. These ML55’s are tough and can take a beating with minimal maintenance, although we’re skeptical due to the add, we want to be optimistic given our love for ML55’s.



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