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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: 1992 500E

Listed recently in Seattle, Washington, this 1992 500E appears to be exceptionally clean from the few photos provided by the seller. Interior shots have not been provided unfortunately, however, the exterior is certainly well above average. The car currently sits with 105k miles and the seller is asking $32,700. The paint is Black Pearl Metallic (199), one of our favorites, over Black Leather (271).

From the photos we can see the paint appears to be very well preserved. The bumpers are all free from any imperfections and we can't point out any dents. As a 1992, this is considered a pre-facelift version. The headlight bezels still appear to be in excellent shape and very clear still, highlighting the chrome inners of the high beams which is a small details specific to the 500Es.

AMG five spoke wheels have been fitted to the car which actually fit the cars appearance and fill out the fenders surprisingly well. We believe these wheels are from a late model R129 sport. No curb rash can be seen on any of the wheels although closer inspection could confirm. The seller states that the car is "in amazing condition, very well cared for, (and comes with) detailed documentation and receipts." It'd be worth diving into the documentation and receipts to get a grasp on what has been done over the years.

Aesthetically, the only modification aside from the wheels that we can see is the exhaust. No mention is made as to what has actually been done but it appears to be possible an AMG or RENNtech tip. Mechanically, the car remains largely stock although the seller does mention the valve body was swapped to provide a 1st gear start option.

Produced from 1992-1995, the 500E is a well-known and popular enthusiast Mercedes. Values seem to hold steady and despite higher mileage, still tend to increase with age. The 5.0L M119 was rated at 325hp and 354lb-ft of torque when new. This could be a nice opportunity to get into a 500E that's been well-cared for and presents very nicely.


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