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You Know You Want It: 2000 S500 w/ 60K in Horizon Blue

If any of our readers are looking for a nice pre-owned S-Class this is your week! A little poking around on Craigslist led us to an early W220 listed by a dealer in San Francisco in a properly “unique to the W220” color combination. Showing only 60k miles, this 2000 S500 can be found listed here on Craigslist for $8,990. Complete with some interesting options and a set of AMG Aero II’s, this should be an attractive car at this price.

Finished in Blue Quartz Metallic, or Horizon Blue in the North American market, (347) over a Grey Leather (238) interior, this car offers a nice change of pace from the Silver on Grey or Black on Black W220’s on the market. Unlike most, this one appears extremely well kept and reportedly has been owned in California since new. With 2 owners listed on the history, we’re not surprised to see the condition of this car is as clean as we’d hope but the AMG Aero II wheels are a bit of a pleasant surprise. Rarity and value aside, these wheels really set this car off and complement the design nicely.

These light Grey Leather interiors were some of the first to start showing early signs of aging and use, even just a few years after these cars were produced. That being said this one appears wonderfully clean inside the cabin and there’s just enough light wear to make us think these seats haven’t been corrected or touched up. The wood trim still looks to be in good shape with minimal fading or cracking visible and the wood-trimmed steering wheel looks just as nice. Pleasantly, the original carpets are still present in the front and rear along with the mat in the trunk. All factory components appear to be left intact and hopefully everything functions as it should.

With the only noticeable blemish from the photos being the missing jack-hole cover, this S500 seems to be a great deal. The dealer does a nice job of presenting the car as it is and providing some basic background but as no service records are provided, we hope they’re lying in wait as another included bonus. These early cars aren’t cheap to maintain if a number of services have been deferred but they’re extremely rewarding when kept nice. Combine the feel with the unusual color combo and appearance and this car presents itself as a purists W220 with rear wheel drive, a long wheelbase, and a reliable M113 V8 up front.



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